MaverickRecruiter goes to the movies….

‘The key to this business is personal relationships.’ Suddenly, it was all pretty clear. The answer was fewer clients. Less money. More attention. Caring for them, caring for ourselves 220px-Jerry_Maguire_movie_posterand the games, too.’ Jerry Maguire

Wow! Anyone who has watched this movie cannot help but understand the power or Jerry Maguire’s moment or realisation, his epiphany, the stark contrast between the way it actually is, and the way it should be.

So what has this got to do with recruitment? Okay, I know that many of you are fortunate enough to either be a conscientious and caring recruiter who really raises the bar, goes out of your way to deliver and exceed expectations, or be the client of such a recruiter. To quote Jerry Maguire again:

 ‘I am out here for you. You don’t know what it’s like to be ME out here for YOU. It is an up-at-dawn, pride-swallowing siege that I will never fully tell you about, ok?’

I’m sure that plenty of recruiters who read this will relate to it, you like me will be the people who work on Sunday’s to have those conversations with those highly desirable candidates that are so perfect for your client but for that very same reason don’t have an hour free during the working week to talk about other opportunities.

But the truth of the matter is that much of the industry isn’t like this. The sad realisation of this is that for many recruiters the difference between being exceptional and keeping your job presents something of a dichotomy, a conflict of interest even between how you want to work and how you have to work. Much of this is determined by the culture of your organisation that is KPI driven or possibly even the reality that the kind of business and client base that you have is focused on dumbing down the whole recruitment process. In many cases it isn’t your fault. You are driven to fill vacancies. The more vacancies you fill, the more revenue you earn the business. Your success in the organisation is not focused on delivering exceptional quality. It is focused on delivering volume.

Hands up, how many of us have worked alongside that ‘big biller’ who has never sold anything? Who knows a fellow recruiter who could not consult their own way out of a revolving door and has no idea how to tailor or bespoke a recruitment solution? They probably manage a handful of PSL accounts, have a conversion ratio of filling 3 out of 10 vacancies and rarely if ever truly speak to a hiring manager, get under the skin of the hiring organisation and faithfully and wholeheartedly represent the client and the candidate with everyone’s best intentions at heart? Hell, I know recruiters who bill a quarter of a million £ + year in year out and have never met a candidate face to face and only meet the hiring organisation when they do an annual review.

There are exceptions of course, lots of them. But the image of a sweat shop, boiler room type environment with ringing bells every time a candidate accepts an offer in some office block close to Canary Wharf is probably closer to the reality than the exception.

It would appear that it has always been Movember for Mr Finkel. His 70's moustache says a great deal about his recruitment ideas as well.

It would appear that it has always been Movember for Mr Finkel. His 70’s moustache says a great deal about his recruitment ideas as well.

Interestingly I am willing to wager that more recruitment training meetings use excerpts from movies like Boiler Room and Wall St or video training sessions with the dinosaurs such as Steve Finkle than Jerry Maguire. What does that say about our industry? Is your recruiter more likely to have this embedded as their motivational corporate culture, essentially their primary focus being hitting monthly KPI’s for short term personal and corporate gain or delivering exquisite customer satisfaction?

Guess what though? The whole populous of the recruitment universe have actively engaged in creating this situation. When you demand less for less the result is a race to the bottom and generally sediment leaves a pretty sour taste in the mouth and can ruin even the most desirable wine.


Hiring now – Technology Development Manager (Analog – Subject Matter Expert)

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Excellent Package + Bonus + Bens
Located in Boston, Chicago, Austin, Dallas or San Jose

The Company

A $1 billion dollar global leader in their market sector, this organisation has invested significantly in totally restructuring their business model to ensure that they remain at the forefront of the market. They are a leading international high-service distributor of technology products and solutions with a focus on electronic system design. Operating throughout the Americas, Asia and European markets it is their vision to become the industry mediator and subject matter expert enabling valuable interaction, research and development support throughout.

Global social media engagement enables this organisation to liaise with the ideas people, scientists, engineers, technicians and designers at concept stage, and to work with them through product definition and development.  They have created universal communities and social groups in over 30 languages, so that through their online systems, purchasers and engineers can…

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Regional Head of Sales 1 x Nordic / 1 x DACH – Retailer Solutions Market

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Future_scenes____shopping_mall_by_anasrist1-900x533Retailer Solutions Sector Overview

There is no doubt whatsoever that the retail sector is one of the fastest markets in the world today in terms of technological change and development. As a consumer the pace of change is almost relentless. The ability to pay using mobile wallet and contactless technology to loyalty schemes which SMS you voucher’s and other offers as you walk into a retail environment combined with flexible POS and customer tracking and analysis, the retail environment is technologically more fluid and challenging than ever.

Retailers themselves are at the forefront of this development, the options are endless and of course many come with challenges around identity protection, data privacy and collection legislation. But one fact remains, the desire to engage and even mesmerise the physical consumer whilst also staying at the cutting edge of the on-line virtual consumer at the same time. Retailers want their customer’ loyalty…

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GrassGreener Group™ and i-Intro™

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GrassGreener Group™ is not your typical executive search and selection firm. We understand that generally the expectations of organisations using recruitment services can be rather low. This is why we have invested so much in raising the bar and creating an approach underpinned by state of the art, tangible technology and processes to ensure that our services exceed your expectations.GGGlogo

Over the last five years we’ve successfully differentiated ourselves through the creation of cutting-edge, award-winning technology, allowing us to deliver phenomenal success rates and guaranteed results.

Our consultants specialise in specific industries and use headhunting and networking strategies to locate and place sales people and senior managers for industrial organisations. Our core placements range from £35k Area Sales Managers, to £200k Company Directors (and all in-between).

But here’s what really sets us apart:

  • Our research process is so refined that 96% of the candidates we place are still in employment…

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Welcome to the recruitment revolution – i-Intro™ banishes square peg hiring mistakes forever

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Is it possible to banish the square peg hiring mistakes in recruitment?


Anyone who has ever recruited must have experienced that epiphany when within a couple of days or weeks you observe the recently acquired new team member without the rose tinted glasses. Watching from a safe distance you observe the newly inducted employee frolicking around the coffee machine and are suddenly overcome by that soul sapping all encompassing feeling of despondency. Usually at this point that orange beacon appears on the top of your head to announce the ‘square peg’ alert. Your mind scrambles for safety amongst the nuances of probationary periods and one weeks notice as the only source of damage limitation. After all it really isn’t your fault, well not entirely. The blame can be shared amongst the entire hiring team, can’t it? Everyone had the opportunity to ask if the successful candidate who seduced everyone with…

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SME: Guides to better recruitment Part 3 – Get on Facebook

Finally this is where you can get a little creative. You have developed your Organisational DNA. Brainstormed and agreed your Employer Branding. Thought long and hard about the actual job description, ideally one that has the ability to flex and grow with your business. Now comes the exciting part, and more often than not the outright expensive part, where and how do you actually source your candidates?

Radical Idea No1


Yes, you may like many people have some reservations about Facebook. If like me you only engage with it to stay in touch with friends in remote parts of the World you probably don’t really get it. Or maybe you have succumbed to pressure from a partner or family member. Again like me you probably occasionally login, having had to spend an hour finding or working out your login details, and then sit there open mouthed at the absolute dross that most timelines contain.  But seriously, get beyond the banal posts about people eating donuts, feeling hungry or having a hangover and Facebook really does have some potential in the context we are discussing.

Set up a Company Page, its free. You can upload your logo, set out your services, post your news updates and begin to build a community. The good thing is that this page is entirely unconnected from your personal Facebook identity, so when your Sister posts something embarrassing about falling down the stairs of a night club at 2am, there is no connection to your Company Page.

Once you have set up your company page, dig around and find the Build an Audience option. Here you can actually place a Facebook advert. It’s simple and straightforward, you can fix a daily or campaign lifetime budget which you can amend at any time, so be conservative initially. Create a simple, attention grabbing advert, you don’t have a lot to play with but you can link it to your company website where your job is posted in more detail. Select your demographics and watch the audience count which is basically how many people will be targeted, choose a geographic location, interests, age (so your not advertising to under 16s for example). Don’t be overly conservative in this process, ideally you want to be as visible as possible.

I recently created a campaign for a £18m T/O business for a Research Analyst in the Midlands. We set a £20 a day maximum pay per click budget for a week and left the demographics quite broad. We had over 250 ‘likes’ in 72 hours, this means that these ‘likes’ appear on the timelines of these 250 people and are then picked up by their followers and connections. The actual company website job page hits went through the roof and the time spent on a page on the company website went from 48.3 seconds to 1.39mins.

You can get more information on advertising on Facebook here: Facebook Advertising Guide

Important to note that the job advert on the Company website had a salary range included. It was bright and buzzy and appealing and engaging and included the Employer Branding. It was a resounding success and we had a short-list of candidates drilled down to an offer within 3 weeks.

Try it, even try it along side other media and sourcing strategies.

Best of luck.

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